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Welcome to Jonah REALTORS. We are an independent real estate office with a long history in Lynn and the North Shore. Just because we are independent, do not think we are small. Our large team of experienced and effective real estate agents think BIG.

We are dedicated to making buyers and sellers, our "clients for life”. We provide the highest level of personal service and are proud of our reputation for knowledge, integrity, and professionalism. We are calm, collected, and persistent in getting our clients to the closing table.

When the market got tough we got smarter. We began to educate ourselves on how to best utilize technology to complement our agents’ sales skills and to continue to provide the best services to our changing client base. We brought on younger agents, and, as a result have become an agency that rivals our biggest competitors yet still provides highly personalized transactions. 

Now in a healthier market, as we look to the future with confidence, we acknowledge that with growth comes change and as a result we are re-launching our brand:

No one is more qualified to help you sell or find your home in Lynn and the North Shore. We consider ourselves lucky to live in, work in, and serve this beautiful area where every type of property can be found, from studios to mansions, condos to multifamily homes, from Lynn Woods to the ocean, and cultural venues to sports meccas. We have the best of everything.

Come to our office at ‘The Library’ 270 Broadway in Lynn to meet Jonah Realtors® and let us show you our Road Home…our commitment that provides every official and personal need for moving in and moving on...

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